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  • Ships Free Based on Size

Which Thickness of Backsplash Should I get?

22 ga. (.031") - Most Popular:

On the backsplash panels for magnets we only offer the 22 gauge thickness due to availability of material. This is an excellent choice for any application from a home kitchen to restaurants and other applications where heavier material is needed, or for those who desire a slightly more dent resistant backsplash. For comparison's sake, the thickness is close to that of a credit card. The 22 gauge is the option for customers who like to ensure they're getting a good backsplash.

Hemmed Edges, Grain Direction, Mounting Options, Cutouts?

Hemmed (Folded) Edges:

A hemmed edge is formed when the edge of the sheet is folded underneath and flattened to a tear drop shape. This is called a “tear-drop hem” and it gives you a beautifully finished rounded edge that also increases the rigidity of the backsplash. A hemmed edge is recommended for any exposed edges, especially between your cabinets and countertop. For those questioning hemmed edges. We have had instances where a customer did not get the hemmed edge and when cleaning they actually cut their hand on the edge. We offer the option of hemming left and right, top and bottom, or select both for all four edges. If budget is not a concern, and you desire a more uniform appearance, specify both top and bottom and left and right edges.

Grain or Pattern Direction:

All stainless steel appliances are made with “brushed” stainless steel which has a grain (brush strokes) to it. Most, as in 99%+/-, are made with the #4 finish material due to the ubiquity of the material. A small percentage of appliances are made with a #3 finish which is slightly rougher in appearance. We offer the option for you to specify the “grain direction” of the #4 finish backsplash material if you want to match your hood, oven, range, dishwasher, trash compactor, fridge, or whatever else you have. If you have not noticed a grain to the finish, look closely and you’ll see brush strokes running either left to right or up and down.

Mounting Tape:

We have two thicknesses of mounting tape. One is for hemmed panels and one is for unhemmed panels. On a hemmed panel there is an 1/8” gap behind the panel, between the hems. The mounting tape perfectly fills this gap and you have a flat panel with the hemmed edges flush against the wall. For unhemmed panels we use an extremely thin tape that is about 1/64” thick to ensure you panel does not stand off the wall. Both tapes are extremely aggressive and meant for hard-to-stick surfaces such as as latex paint, powder coat, etc. These are a permanent solution and not meant for removal. HOWEVER, on the textured backsplashes we recommend using RTV silicone in addition to the tape. For example on the 1CS, there isn’t a lot of surface area for the tape to stick to, so the RTV silicone provides that extra support needed to ensure a long-lasting installation.

Mounting Holes:

We prefer mounting tape for ease-of-use and a clean installation, but there are some instances where mounting holes are preferred. You may want to be able to remove the panel without destroying it or the wall. Also, sometimes a backsplash is very close to an outdoor grill and in these instances mounting holes are advised as the metal will tend to slightly expand because of the heat from the grill. Many customers also have prosumer ovens like a Wolf, Thermador, Blue Star, etc, and some of these have the vent from the oven pointing straight up instead of slightly forward. If this is the case, we recommend mounting holes due to the excessive heat from the oven vent causing expansion in the metal. This expansion is very little, but if the panel is rigidly glued to the wall or a backer, and it expands 1/32”, you’re going to have a buckled panel. The mounting holes allow for this slight expansion, and your panel stays flat.

Accuracy of Cuts, Surface Protection, Shipping?

Accuracy of Cuts:

We want you to know that we understand you want a backsplash cut to your exact specs. You don’t want a backsplash panel that arrives an 1/8” short or long, or out of square. So, while our standard tolerance is +/-1/16", the workers in the shop do their absolute best to cut your backsplash to the exact dimensions you specify. Each customer expects excellence and we expect to deliver that. So, the true tolerance is closer to -0 + 1/32” and equipment is constantly calibrated to ensure accuracy. We even use precision-made tape measures when checking the pieces at final inspection, and would rather re-cut a piece than ship something that may not meet your expectations.


You don’t like to receive damaged product that screws up your day or your schedule, and we dislike filing shipping claims. So, all backsplashes are shipped FLAT in specially designed packaging. Smaller sheets are shipped in quadruple layered, heavy duty, cardboard mailers, and larger sheets are shipped in custom-built mailers with multiple layers and stiffeners. Anything shipped via freight is packaged in lumber to ensure you NEVER have shipping damage. The finished product is well protected to ensure everyone stays happy. In the event the shipping company somehow manages to damage the product, a replacement will be made and shipped quickly, typically the next business day.

*Standard backsplash panels typically ship the next business day after ordering. In some cases, they are shipped 2 days after ordering. Backsplashes with custom cutouts typically take 10 business days when factoring in drawing revisions and fabrication time.

**Orders that ship via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground ship free. Any backsplash panels that do not fit on FedEx or UPS will need to ship via LTL (less than truckload), and due to the highly variable costs, these do not ship free. The carrier will typically be either R&L Carriers or XPO Logistics. In case you're wondering LTL shipments are packed with 7/16" OSB (the stuff houses are made with) and 2x4's, so the damage rate on these is ZERO.

Surface Protection?

All panels have a protective PVC film applied to the finished side of the backsplash. This may be gray, white, blue or clear and protects the finish and should be removed AFTER installation. The film ensures the finished side of the backsplash isn't scratched during processing, shipping, and installation so that you have a perfect backsplash when all is said and done. As such, don't forget the un-coated side will have scratching on it 99% of the time due to processing, handling, shipping, etc. The exposed side should always be facing the wall, and the side with the PVC coating should always be facing out. We’ve had more than one irate customer who didn’t read the label on the front and want to save you some frustration.

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Stainless Steel Surface Finishes Explained Clearly!

Q: What is the #4 Brushed Finish?

The #4 brushed finish is the most popular available today, and typically utilizes . There are various names for it including brushed, polished, satin, and sometimes even nickel finish. It's the de facto industry standard in commercial, industrial and residential applications where aesthetics and longevity are important. It's also the most consistent across batches and is easier to match when upgrading or adding to previous installations. The #4 brushed finish will never fade and is basically ageless, providing you keep it maintained.

Q: What is the 2B Finish?

The 2B Finish is gray in color and somewhat reflective. It looks good initially, but is extremely difficult to keep pristine in applications where it will be handled and/or cleaned frequently. This has no effect on the performance or longevity of the product, but rather the aesthetics. Fingerprints, oils, and various liquids tend to stain the surface of the metal, resulting in uneven coloring and patches with different shades of gray. In addition, the 2B finish is done at the steel mill and may vary in color from batch to batch.

Q: What is the BA Finish?

BA finish, or Bright Annealed finish is similar to a #8 mirror finish or a chrome finish. While quite uniform, the finish is done at the steel mill and may vary slightly from batch to batch of material. You'll find the BA finish on the inside of dishwashers, laundry machines, refrigerators, etc. The bright annealed finish is achieved by heating up and cooling (annealing) in a controlled environment.

Q: Are Stainless Steel Surfaces Anti-Bacterial?

There is a common misconception about stainless steel being anti-bacterial, like copper, brass and bronze, but that is not the case. However, stainless steel is generally cost effective enough and durable enough to be cleaned and/or sterilized frequently without breaking down the surface or material. This is the reason for its popularity in everything from surgical instruments to restaurants. If it isn't destroyed by carelessness, including denting, abrading, drilling holes, etc, stainless steel will provide one of the longest-lasting and best looking finish options available.