CommerceMetals to JTCMetals

Posted on: 09-27-2022
Commerce Metals to JTC Metals

When in the course of human events a name change is required for whatever reason....

Well anyway, we decided to change the name from Commerce Metals to JTC Metals because it's cooler and shorter? Someone figured it was more brandable for household products, custom sheet metal protective film, or whatever it was to be used for, and decided to pull the trigger. Hindsight is always 20/20, right?

A new website had to be designed and developed, so we took everything we knew about the way you like to use our site and hired a UX agency. This was a fairly simple process, and we thought this is cool. However, that was about the easiest part of the whole deal. In addition all the associated branding materials had to be designed and manufactured and/or fabricated.

This sounds like a stroll in the park, but I guess it depends on exactly who's park, and if anyone maintained the place. It's been a loooooong road trip. The experience was like working with Congress on getting something done. Well, not quite, because you can see the new website in action here. Finding a good developer was about like locating a unicorn; they're almost as rare. Just know we feel the pain of using garbage websites because they're all over the place, and now we know why. It's expensive, a time hog, and if you're not relentless the outcome will be like the rest of the internet.

I guess you can probably figure out by now we think this gem is pretty polished. Having said all that, pleeeeeeeease tell us if something isn't working. This has been far too much effort to see you walk away just because of a misplaced comma.

That's a pretty short description, but it has been a long and painful process. The goal was to make it easy for you, not overly flashy, but easy. Feel free to get in touch and let us know if that's not the case.