Stainless Steel Beer Flight

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  • Holds 4 Standard 5oz Glasses
  • Dry-Erase Marker Compatible
  • Dishwasher Safe
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Finally!!! A beer flight made of stainless steel that will last as long as you! No more nasty, moldy, soggy, unsanitary wooden beer flights that you shouldn't or can't put in the dishwasher. The heavy duty construction has been drop-tested aaaaand bar-tested. The numerals eliminate guesswork and you can write anywhere on the surface with a dry erase marker.

There are two styles to choose from. Both are beautiful and both will be sure to impress. One is for those who prefer to carry their beer flight with two hands (actually it's to save your wrists while on the job), and the other is for the operator who just wants to get the job done the quickest. That is carrying two flights.

You can write on the beer flights with a dry-erase marker so there's no need for brain gymnastics, trying to remember what's what. Clean with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol when finished, or just throw it in the dishwasher. The plastic glides on the bottom ensure your table, bar, countertop, etc won't get scratched.

We have quantity based pricing for you, whether you're a restaurant, bar, pub, inn, lounge, saloon, tavern, barroom, roadhouse, taproom, after-hours joint, ale house, beer joint, drinkery, drinking establishment, gin mill, joint, public house, or whatever we missed. Hurry up and get these in to your establishment, and you'll have one less sanitation issue to deal with, you'll save hundreds, or thousands, of dollars over the lifespan of these flights, and your customers will appreciate a beer flight that works.

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Stainless Steel Surface Finishes Explained Clearly!

Q: What is the #4 Brushed Finish?

The #4 brushed finish is the most popular available today, and typically utilizes . There are various names for it including brushed, polished, satin, and sometimes even nickel finish. It's the de facto industry standard in commercial, industrial and residential applications where aesthetics and longevity are important. It's also the most consistent across batches and is easier to match when upgrading or adding to previous installations. The #4 brushed finish will never fade and is basically ageless, providing you keep it maintained.

Q: What is the 2B Finish?

The 2B Finish is gray in color and somewhat reflective. It looks good initially, but is extremely difficult to keep pristine in applications where it will be handled and/or cleaned frequently. This has no effect on the performance or longevity of the product, but rather the aesthetics. Fingerprints, oils, and various liquids tend to stain the surface of the metal, resulting in uneven coloring and patches with different shades of gray. In addition, the 2B finish is done at the steel mill and may vary in color from batch to batch.

Q: What is the BA Finish?

BA finish, or Bright Annealed finish is similar to a #8 mirror finish or a chrome finish. While quite uniform, the finish is done at the steel mill and may vary slightly from batch to batch of material. You'll find the BA finish on the inside of dishwashers, laundry machines, refrigerators, etc. The bright annealed finish is achieved by heating up and cooling (annealing) in a controlled environment.

Q: Are Stainless Steel Surfaces Anti-Bacterial?

There is a common misconception about stainless steel being anti-bacterial, like copper, brass and bronze, but that is not the case. However, stainless steel is generally cost effective enough and durable enough to be cleaned and/or sterilized frequently without breaking down the surface or material. This is the reason for its popularity in everything from surgical instruments to restaurants. If it isn't destroyed by carelessness, including denting, abrading, drilling holes, etc, stainless steel will provide one of the longest-lasting and best looking finish options available.