Stainless Steel Trim

Stainless Steel Trim for Joining, Edging, Inside and Outside Corners

You need your stainless steel trim yesterday, and we know how to get that done. Well, maybe not the yesterday bit, but if you've been held up by another supplier, you're definitely at the right place.

Whether your restaurant remodel is running behind, or you need a couple hundred pieces of trim for an upcoming project, you'll receive your trim order when promised. Not only that, it will be packaged so it gets to you undamaged and drama-free.

Select PRO trim to match your wall panels in the #4 brushed (most popular), 2B or #8 mirror finishes. For price conscious buyers we have an economy option. The ECO trim features a 430 stainless steel cap with a BA (bright annealed) finish similar to a chrome or #8 mirror finish.

Whatever you need, we can help you stay on time and on budget. Standard delivery times are 5-6 days after ordering. Overnight shipping is available on trims up to 10' in length.

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Restaurant Stainless Steel Trim

Stainless steel and restaurants are like pees and carrots, and our trim fits right in. The PRO trim is the perfect solution for your restaurant installation, and it offers a solution the building and health inspectors will appreciate, and you will feel great about. You can order trim that will match your metal, and in 99% of cases, we supply the #4 brushed PRO trim to owners, contractors, installers, etc for their restaurant installation. It offers unmatched quality and ease of installation. You’ll also love the consistency of the product and the fantastic finished installation without any sharp edges. If you’re looking for stainless steel wall trim for your restaurant, and you want it from customer service experts with a fanatical drive for perfection, we’re your supplier.
Stainless Steel Wall Trim

Commercial - Commercial customers love the PRO trim and especially the finished installation. When used in food preparation areas, along hallways, or in clean rooms, a major consideration is aesthetics, and the PRO trim fits the bill. No more curled metal, unsightly corners and joints, or exposed edges that can lead to cuts and liability. The PRO trim allows you to finish all areas of your wall panels whether they are an outside corner, inside corner, or edge. Plus, all exposed faces are 1” to ensure uniformity. If you’re using 2B, Mirror or #4 Finish, you can have the trim match any of the finishes.

Industrial - Customers from myriad industries have used the PRO trim for their installation, and range from chocolate and cheese factories, to chemical plants, and small wash-down bays in a mom and pop operation. In these applications, the main consideration is corrosion, and longevity. The 304 PRO trim moulding is ideal for most applications, but in severely corrosive environments, the 316 PRO trim is recommended. Severely corrosive refers to maritime, oil field, chemical processors, etc. For example if you’re having stainless steel installed in food packaging facility, the 304 stainless steel PRO trim is ideal. If the stainless panels are being installed in a fish processing facility on the coast, 316 stainless steel PRO trim is the ideal option for you.

Wholesale Stainless Trim

If you’re a frequent user of stainless trim or a distributor, give us a call and we’ll set you up with a wholesale discount. There are minimum purchase requirements, and the first order must be $1,500 minimum, excluding shipping, no exceptions. There are also minimum monthly purchase requirements, and we’ll discuss those with you in detail once you’re set up. We do extend credit to manufacturer’s and distributors. However, all first time orders are required to be paid in advance.