Restoring a Stainless Backsplash

Posted on: 06-09-2022
The use of Stainless steel in contemporary or traditional homes is quickly becoming the go-to metal for new and old homeowner’s choices when it comes to backsplashes, countertops, hardware, and appliances. And even though you may know stainless doesn't form a patina like other metals, doesn’t require a sealer to be constantly applied, and is seemingly low maintenance, it still requires some work to keep it looking nice. The first think you will probably notice is the scratches on your counter tops, or perhaps there are dings in the backsplash from the many busy and absentminded evenings by the glow and warmth of the stove, in the heat of the preparation of a meal. These minor scratches (that many people would argue just adds personality and character to the surface) can be buffed out with a SOS or scouring pad, following the grain of the metal. But when you have some serious scratches from the counter top over-zealously being used as a cutting board, a 220 grit piece of wet/dry sandpaper should do just the trick. Pour a little vegetable oil on the scratch and buff it, as always, with the grain. The next thing you might begin to notice is that the brand new shine of the metal has lost some of its luster. To bring back the sparkle of the stainless steel from a dull look, use a soft cloth and a dab of cleaner that is specifically designed for cleaning stainless steel/metal and again, rub with the grain of the steel. If you can’t find a specific stainless steel cleaner, any cleaner that has high alcohol content should do the trick, drying quickly and without a leftover residue or film. And when the superficial scratches are gone, the deeper scratches erased, and the shine almost restored, and you still want to do a little more, wax that you can buy for your car might be a lesser known trick to really make the surface look brand new and continue to protect it in the future.